Early 10+ Signs Of Mesothelioma You Are Probably Violating


3. Fevers

The growth of a cancerous tumor is known to cause fever, so this is a symptom of almost any cancer. Of course, fevers can be caused by many other issues, such as infection, drug reaction, or inflammatory problems.

Fever may also be the driver of night sweats. If your fever persists for more than three days and you cannot determine another cause, get checked out by a doctor right away.

4. Unexplained sweating

Night sweats are a frequent symptom of cancer, often seen in conjunction with other complaints. They may occur at any stage of mesothelioma, but are more common in later stages.

Night sweats are tied to many other conditions as well, from hormonal changes to withdrawal from medication. If your night sweats are frequent and accompanied by fever, it is more concerning.

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