8 Funny Facts About Credit Cards (2021)


3. Your card expires, but your account does not

An expiration serves 2 functions. First, a physical MasterCard will solely last for regarding three-to-four years’ value of swiping and dipping. AN expiration date provides your institution with a date on that to send you a brand new card before the previous one falls apart. Second, the expiration offers a tiny low live of fraud protection for cardholders, since it’s another piece of data that you just would solely have if you had the cardboard in your possession.

Most MasterCard corporations send you a brand new card before your current one expires. If for a few reasons they do not and you are trying to use a card that is past its expiration date, it’ll be declined. however, your account ought to still be valid — you simply got to raise your card institution for a brand new card.

4. Farming communities used “credit cards” within the nineteenth century

Long before credit cards were accepted everyplace as payment, farmers would deem credit extended by native general stores. within the nineteenth and early twentieth century, farmers would want to use credit at their native store for a minimum of a part of the year as a result of their financial gain was seasonal. In areas with an outsized range of farmers, stores started issuance credit cards (initially fabricated from cardboard) to assist determine that customers were related to that accounts.

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