Tutoring is easy going fun to do side job that doesn’t involve stress! These days parents are looking for people who can help them in making their children smart. Depending on the specialty student majors in, there are numerous opportunities to teach others.

On the other hand, students keep postponing the assignments and projects until the last minute and then they panic. Some of them come looking for help online. Students from all over the world face the same kind of problems.

To avoid last-minute hassles, they post their work on Online Tutoring, Homework Help, and Assignment Help portals. Subject experts (registered as online tutors on the platform) give answers to the questions or do the homework for them and earn money.

If you are knowledgeable in math or language, music or history, you can earn pocket money by answering questions of other students or helping them with their homework, assignments, and projects

Chegg is a renowned online tutoring platform, that pays $20 an hour for time spent with students. Depending on the subject that you sign up for, there are plenty of students looking for assistance.

If you are the US or a Canadian resident with eligibility to work and are available to tutor at least five hours per week, you can start tutoring on Tutor.

Tutor.com pays a minimum of $10 per hour for tutoring sessions. The hourly rate is actually dictated by the subjects and the hours spent tutoring. High-quality tutors can expect bonuses and incentives too. You can easily pocket $500 -$1000 a month spending just a few hours a day tutoring.


College is the time for friends. If you have a bunch of friends then trust me you can make $100 in the next 24 hours referring your friends to these sites. These are the most trusted sites across the globe with millions of users, so if you’re worried about losing your reputation or credibility, certainly you are not!

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While Ibotta (cashback app) & Swagbucks (Rewards site) pay $5 each per referral, Dosh (cashback app) pay $8 per referral!

Isn’t this the fastest way to make money especially when you have a huge friends list?

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