10 Quick & Easy Chicken Marinade Recipes for the Grill


Whether your hosting a summer barbecue or simply appreciate the contemporary flavors that may solely return from cookery, the key to any successful grilled chicken formula is within the marinade. though factory-made marinades area unit was convenient, you’ll conjointly build your marinades with simply many straightforward ingredients straight from your buttery and icebox.

All of those recipes area unit fast and simple, and whereas they’re supposed for chicken, they will even be used for pork, shrimp or maybe your favorite cut of chicken. For additional flavor and succulence, take care to order a few tablespoons of your marinade thus you’ll baste whereas cookery.

Here area unit ten fast and simple chicken marinade recipes for the grill.

Jamaican Jerk Marinade:

Finely dice four scallions, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 jalapeno peppers (remove seeds for fewer spice) and place tired an outsized bowl. Add the juice of 2 limes, one teaspoon allspice, 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, and salt and pepper to style. Whisk all ingredients along till absolutely combined, and so add chicken or pork. cowl tightly and refrigerate for 30-60 minutes.

Lime-Chili Marinade:

Combine the juice of 2 limes with one teaspoon of seasoner, one teaspoon of sugar and one-quarter cup of vegetable oil. Whisk all ingredients along and add salt and pepper to style. Pour over chicken and canopy tightly or lock in a Ziploc bag. infuse for a half-hour or up to twelve hours before cookery.

Sweet and Spicy Curry Marinade:

Using store-bought Italian dressing, mix one cup of the dressing with common fraction cup honey, one-to-two tablespoons seasoning, the juice of 1 lime and one teaspoon fruit juice. Whisk all ingredients along and pour over chicken, marinating in tightly sealed instrumentation or baggie for a minimum of half-hour.

Soy-Ginger Marinade:

Combine one-quarter cup of condiment, 2 tablespoons refined sugar, [*fr1] a teaspoon black pepper, one tablespoon of contemporary ginger (grated or minced), 2 cloves diced garlic or one tablespoon garlic paste, and 2 tablespoons vegetable oil. Whisk till incorporated. Add poultry or meat and infuse for a half-hour or up to twenty-four hours. this can be conjointly a good basting sauce for shrimp kabobs!

Super Garlic Marinade:

Dice four or 5 cloves of garlic (can conjointly use garlic paste in a similar amount) and mix with one-quarter cup of vegetable oil, one tablespoon oleoresin vinegar, and one tablespoon diced scallions. Add salt and pepper to style. infuse for a minimum of 2 hours or nightlong if attainable.

Lemon Pepper Marinade:

Combine the juice of 2 lemons with simple fraction cup vegetable oil, whisking till blended. Add 2 teaspoons minced garlic, one teaspoon black pepper and salt to style. Slice one in each of the lemons you juiced skinny and add that to the marinade. Add chicken and canopy tightly. infuse for twenty-four hours.

Sweet and Spicy Barbecue Marinade:

Mix one cup cetchup with common fraction cup vino vinegar, [*fr1] a cup of refined sugar (packed), one teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, one tablespoon table mustard, one teaspoon seasoner, one teaspoon paprika and salt and pepper to style. combine all ingredients till the sugar is dissolved and it’s sleek. Reserve [*fr1] the sauce for basting and infuse the remainder with meat or poultry for up to twenty-four hours.

Asian Fusion Marinade:

Mix simple fraction cup vegetable oil with one-quarter cup rice vinegar. Add one tablespoon sugar, one tablespoon diced scallions, one teaspoon condiment, and salt and pepper to style. combine well with a whisk or in a mixer. For additional heat, add [*fr1] a teaspoon of chili oil. infuse up to twenty-four hours before cookery.

Italian Herb Marinade:

Combine [*fr1] a packet of Italian dressing combine with [*fr1] a cup of vegetable oil, one-quarter cup rice vinegar and one tablespoon of contemporary basil, diced. Take the remaining dressing combine and sprinkle it over chicken, pressing and rubbing gently so that it sticks. Refrigerate chicken for one hour with dressing combine thereon, then pour marinade over it and refrigerate for a minimum of an added hour.

Honey Mustard Marinade:

Peel and mince one tablespoon of contemporary ginger, adding one teaspoon of garlic paste and 2 tablespoons cut shallots. Add one teaspoon contemporary parsley, 2 tablespoons rice vinegar, one tablespoon stone-ground mustard and 2 tablespoons of honey. mix all ingredients in an exceedingly mixer, then whereas the mixer goes, slowly add concerning [*fr1] a cup of vegetable oil. infuse for a half-hour or up to a few hours.