10 Funny Facts about lawyers and the practice of law



Practising law is extremely serious business. however that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty concerning it that’s quite fascinating, fun, and even typically funny.

Every once in a very whereas, it’s an honest plan to step removed from the solemnity of it all and suppose the lighter facet of our business. consequently, we’ve compiled the highest ten fun facts concerning lawyers and therefore the follow of law.

1. what percentage lawyers will it take?

Their area unit presently one.34 million lawyers within u. s.. the whole population of the U.S. is 327,522,508. which means that there’s roughly one professional person for every 240 individuals during this country. With numbers like that, you wouldn’t assume it might be therefore arduous to seek out shoppers.

2.The first lady … lawyer

The first lady in U.S. history to become a professional person was associate degree Iowan named Arabella Mansfield. She had to sue the State Bar of Iowa to take a seat for its exam – a privilege that had been solely reserved for males. Born in 1844, Ms Mansfield passed the exam and was admitted to the Iowa Bar in 1869. tho’ the law had continually been the province of men, ladies began to check and teach the law throughout Ms Mansfield’s era as a result of such a big amount of men were referred to as off to fight within the warfare.

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