10 Famous Historic Houses You Must Visit



1.Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester House is one of America’s most haunted houses. After Sarah Winchester’s family tragically died, she was told it happened due to a curse placed on the Winchester family because of the Winchester Rifle that took thousands of lives. To atone this curse, Sarah built a house for herself and all of the spirits that fell to the weapon.

The house was constantly under construction. Areas of the house would be built and then rebuilt to appease the spirits that dwelled in the house, according to Sarah. Anyone who visits the house must be accompanied by someone who knows the house well as many hallways and doorways lead to nowhere. To this day, it’s unknown how many rooms the house holds.


When fans and journalists were constantly crowding Elvis Presley’s house, he bought the more secluded “Graceland,” a farmhouse in Memphis, Tennessee for$102,500. Elvis lived in Graceland until he famously died in one of its bathrooms in 1977. Today, Graceland is the second most visited house in the United States, just behind the White House

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